• Keith Dersley

Talk About Turn & Burn

What exercise I’ve done in the past has been mainly at home. Push-ups, sit-ups. All a hit and miss kind of thing. Not consistent, and not raising too much sweat. There’s a difference between thinking about an exercise and doing it, and there’s a difference between doing a few when you feel like it and performing them with others while someone says ‘Go!’ with a stopwatch at the ready.

I have never been a gym visitor, except at school. They had the New Gym with its gleaming wooden floor that meant we had to wear plimsoles. Great for playing ‘Pirates’ where a load of equipment was specially set up, someone was ‘it’ and you had to get away without touching the floor: up the rope ladder, then swing across, run along a beam, etc. A game that is probably considered far too dangerous nowadays.

BUT I recently saw an ad and went along to the ‘Turn & Burn’ Boot Camp at the Scout Hut one Sunday morning and there were more than a dozen folk, mainly ladies, under the tutelage of Richard Balaam.

The first session was a shock, but you got into it.

OK, start with running on the spot or across the room over and over. Then sets of exercises, 30 seconds of squats, say, or star jumps. Ten seconds rest, then onto the next set.

At various times over the weeks we’ve agitated the battle ropes (getting two pythons by the tail and shaking them out), skipped rope, swung and bench pressed weights. We also do punching the pad exercises, and punishing the bag (I thought I almost knocked it off the stand but it was where I hit rather than how hard).

After a few weeks you notice little things, such as being able to get in and out of people’s cars more easily. Also, I lost two pounds the first week. Since then I have not put any on.

You get used to the wrench at getting up fairly early on a Sunday and reporting in. Gets easier each time though, just about. Starting to feel like the old Tin Man.