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The fantastic world of podcasts. If you can find the ones for you, that is. But, like blogs started with the greatest intentions,  podcasts tend to stop happening. You’re hooked and then you notice this one or that went out a year ago and has not been uploaded since. No guarantees.

But the goodies, at least you can hear them over and over. A favourite radio show you can listen to whenever. Who would have dreamed that up in the 1930s, or ’50s?

Some podcasts are like that, like the old ‘Exploring the Bizarre’ shows you don’t get tired of, with Tim Beckley and Tim Shwartz.

That’s why I ‘m glad there are ten episodes of the Red Wine Dialogues out there—and I know with the compadres I’ve got chinning around the dinner table, there’ll be dozens more of them. We'll all be yakking away, I’ll do more of the old ‘talking blues’ stint, and Brian will go a capella. Folks are liking the shows. Most listeners are in the UK, but the US is close behind.