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Three friends, Lester, Gus, and Simon the Curate, accompany a local weirdo into another England. There, the state is in turmoil. The New Republicans are slaughtering the followers of King Leonard and the monarch is in danger.

Meanwhile Dion, the Prince of Wales, goes underground periodically, finding fun and danger with a street gang, Crusoe's Bobcats. Lester joins the Bobcats and becomes a friend of Dion's.


Like the other three visitors toKing Leonard's realm, Lester finds that fists are hard and tempers short in this other England, but some  of the girls are willing.


Topaz and Mitzi, for example, two waitresses in the garb of milkmaids, take up with Lester and Gus.

However, the sadistic Farris Cable, one of the King's keenest enemies, has got their number, and they could easily come to a sticky end at the hands of INTEG, Cable's enforcement organisation.

Still, the friends have no wish to return home yet, so long as they can dodge the sharp knives and flying  bullets.

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