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3 Squibs for Delectating in

Thought I would try a few pieces of poesy for this blog post, see how they go.

After that, who knows? You like 'em?

* * * * * *


the paper

had an article about



who would be able to

get a £21000

Bursary to allow them

to pursue their writing.

all you had to do was

go to the website and

download a form.

I did so and

started to fill it in.

it seemed to be

novels that they

wanted you to write—

you had to tell about one

in 500 words.


then describe

how you would see

your writing day going.


then send off a £30 cheque


I junked that file SO fast.

* * * * * *


‘the stars in their courses’

could no more alter theirs

than he his own can change.

he has his codes and escape drills,

his solitude, journals,

books of poetry and letters.

why therefore should someone

wish to look over in his direction?

is not a fair proportion of his neurosis


doth he there stand as one benighted?

is he loved or is he merely full of gas?

* * * * * *


the ‘very tone’ of your voice

has messages from where

we should

have bunked off

from school to go,

say in the summer of 1965.

we’d have stood

by ponds

crossed on fallen trees,

listened to frogs under the hill.

glancing at boats in

the deep channel

arms enwrapped we’d

have stayed

till the busy green

and red lights

signalled time

for a hefty sleeping bag.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

More poems like this? Try here.

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