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Chats in the Time of Covid, #12

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It stood to reason we had to get mobile, we were like a rat with no legs in the street. We were carless. The smelly, polluting automobile has come into its domain with Covid.

So we went onto the Marketplace on Facebook and found a guy selling bikes in Hoxne. Even from just round the corner in Hoxne he had to offer to bring them out to show us. We couldn’t get a taxi out there or a lift from a friend as we didn’t want to get into a car with this one or that and give or receive the bug.

We ended up with two decent second hand bikes. To test out we decided to ride to Diss to go to Cycle Shack for helmets, locks and chains, plus lights for my bike.

Joan didn’t like her machine a lot, it had no gears.

I tried to prove a point to her by getting from Eye to Diss without changing gear. She shrugged.

The other trouble with her bike was that just before we set out we remembered it had a slow puncture, It did pump up pretty hard though, so we decided to chance it. We had

to stop four or five times on the way in and the same coming back. Psychologically that killed the jaunt. Getting off and pumping like Billy-o was a fag.

Joan also felt that her seat, the racing type, was an instrument of torture. (We got a seat cover from Amazon.)

Am thinking of getting some local exposure for my podcast Red Wine Dialogues over Diss's Park Radio.

Twenty years ago it was the blog, now it’s podcasting. Some of the requisites for a podcast host I already have, such as a store of original music created on Cake Walk some years ago on Windows, and Garageband today.

Microphone technique? Well, I’ve got some simply by reading my verses out over the years, acting them out, like. Truly, in the scale of things little is lost, my brothers.

I flatter myself that the Red Wine Dialogues, with Brian Cohen as the first guest, then Graham and Julie Kemp, then that local man of the arts and emerging playwright Rupert Mallin, have a lot to offer. They’re not that serious but they’re fascinating. You can earwig on what’s going on over the glasses of red and nobody shall say you nay.

The diners talk about everything that comes into their heads. The chat ranges from the time of the Pharaohs to the Moon, from the X Factor to childhood camping trips. Listen in the car, in bed, or on your walk.

Stream or download the podcast, friends: check out the Red Wine Dialogues.

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