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Chats in the Time of Covid, #8

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Friday 26.VI.2020

It’s the last Friday of the month, which means Stand & Deliver.

On the wings of Zoom we will meet the crowd from Debenham Leisure Centre. We’ve got to know them pretty well by now.

Laid in are two bottles of Budweiser and some cheese crackers. We make it similar to being at the club, and by God, we’ll do a tune or two alongside the rest.

I was hoping to get Joan in on the act. They all suspect that I am keeping her back, I’m sure of it. They think I’m another Fagin. But ever since years ago when she said I was too impatient and bossy with my musical suggestions, she doesn’t want to try. The fact is, when we were the Derz, she put in some neat backing vocals and violin phrases.

What I’ll do here, my hearties, is unveil a new song, product of the Covid days, called 'Sky at Night'.

With this talented mob you can count on hearing some creditable renditions. I sit back, close my eyes behind blinkered glasses and sail away contented on an airy chorus or two.

Tony and Pauline will be present, Kevin and Dawn, Nick and Margaret. J.J., if he manages to get his bionic nails attached (the nail bar he uses being a casualty of the Covid). There will be Neil, with thoughtful lyrics and filigree guitar work. Also David Balaam with some self-penned odes.

Zoom lets us have quite a social whirl here. I notice that when hanging up Zoom after a chat with Mum at Hazeldell I’m left with a sense that I’ve been in her presence. Not as good as a tea with her, but …

Saturday 27.VI.2020

I unveiled two songs last night after all. ‘Sky at Night’ and ‘Slave Girls’. Joan said I should do ‘Love Is the Sweetest Thing’, but I hadn’t rehearsed it. She felt that my two self-composed ones were too similar. I know the chords are the same, but one is in 3/4 time, one 4/4. But she said it was the subject matter that was the same. Yeah?

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