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Guest Blog

We asked Wred Fright, the prolific blogger and novelist, if he would like to write the first Guest Blog to be featured here on Derzville.

He said yes, what subject? I said I wondered where he got this writing bug.

Overnight, he came up with the charming piece below.



Even stuffed animals need their own newspaper. Or so I thought when I was a child, so I made one covering all the news involving stuffed animals and other toys in the household. What did that teddy bear do now? Read and find out. The print run was small and done with crayons; it numbered all of one. Readership was a bit wider as my parents might have humored me and tried to decipher the scribbles and kid drawings, so it might have been two or three if you didn't count the stuffed animals; if you did, then readership was surely in the double digits.

That probably was the beginning of my writing interest, though I suppose the actual writing was just an outgrowth of using my imagination to play. Instead of just making up stories as I played with toys and other household objects; now I could write the stories down and up the enjoyment. Not only would I have fun creating the stories; I could also enjoy reading them later. The only difference between writers with capital Ws is that we probably never stop doing this while other people put the toys down literally and metaphorically. Writers tend to just put the toys down literally, but metaphorically we are still playing in the fields of imagination. Some writers may not even put the toys down literally. Have you seen Hemingway's action figure collection? OK, me neither, but he did have a lot of cats. I wonder if he ever made a newspaper for them . . .

* * * * * *

Find all things Wred on his blog.

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